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Thursday, January 21, 2010


As we all know that India is enjoying the demographic dividend, as more than 40% of Indian population is between the age group of 20 – 40 years, and with the population of 1.18 billion in India a 40% means nearly 47.2 cr people are young and if we assume that from this young population minus females needs shaving kit every morning then for next 20-30 years the consumption & sales of these products would be growing Right!! and the company would be delivering consistent performance.But this is just an assumption..what product am I talking about….. It’s GILLETTE!!BSE CODE - 507815
Gillette India is an NSE BSE listed company jointly promoted by House of Poddar Enterprise and Gillette Company, U.S.A. (Gillette). A company engaged in manufacturing shaving blades (7 O’clock, Ejtek shaving brush, Gillette Mach- 3, Mach 3 turbo).Just look at the details and you will understand

Details as on 21-Jan-2010
Share price- Rs.1,359.00;
Market Cap- Rs.4,464.50 cr;
52 Week- H- Rs.1,450.00; L- Rs.575.25;
P/E- 33.97; EPS- Rs.40.33;
Book value – Rs.150.65;
Dividend – Rs.12.50; Fv- Rs.10;
Total Debt- 0.00;
Reserves- Rs.458.30;
Total Share Issued- 3,25,85,217 shares;
Public Shareholding – 36,73,368 shares; Public Shareholding in %- 11.27%;
Promoter’s holding- 2,89,11,849 shares; Promoter’s holding in %- 88.74%;

Procter & Gamble India holds 41.02 % stake in Gillette India, even one of the most smart investor is into it. R.S. Damani holds 1.06 % in Gillette India. Gillette India,have its competitors like HUL,Dabur,Colgate,Godrej in personal care segment but non of these can compete Gillette in male personal care segment, (you can survey it by your self)
Gillette India is a best buy at Rs.1100- 1250, and should accumulate on further dips.
Pass on the legacy to your future generation. A DEBT FREE COMPANY at price of Rs.1100 is definitely a best buy. I bought at Rs.1080 on Diwali, Gillette India have given 1:1 bonus in 1989, A VERY STRONG CANDIDATE FOR THE BONUS ISSUE
I am not giving the price target as I believe this stock is meant for long term holding and not for short term gains. Yes it will not give you instant gains,it is a lazy kind of stock but with an extremely promising fundamentals.Daily vol is around 4169 shs from which 3321 shs -79.66 % is on delivery basis.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Container Corporation of India (CONCOR)

Total shares issued- 129982794 shs.
Promoter’s holdings- 81999802 shs- 63.08%
Promoters - President Of India-81998202 shs;
Other Promoters- 1600 shs,
Institutional holdings-22180162 shs-17.07%

52 Week-High-Rs.1275 on 23 Dec 2009;Low-Rs.594 on 23 Dec 2008.
Current Market Price - Rs.1257.20
Market Cap-16442.82cr; AS on 23/12/09
EPS-61.49;P/E-20.57; Ind P/E- 21.00
Book Value-289.44;Price/Book-4.37;Div %- 140
Total Share Capital- 129.98cr:
Net Worth- 3762.21cr; Total DEBT -0;

Incorporated in 1988, Container Corporation of India (CONCOR) is a multi-modal (rail and road) logistics support provider for the country’s exim and domestic trade and commerce, working under the ministry of railways, Government of India. It handles the imports and exports of the country from about 40 dry ports or terminals spread across India. It also enjoys a near monopoly situation in the transportation of Containerised cargo through the Indian railways. CONCOR`s core business is characterised by three distinct activities, that of a carrier, a terminal operator, and a warehouse operator. The key value the company offers is the provision of a single-window facility co-ordinating with all the different agencies and services involved in the containerised cargo trade right from customs, gateway ports, and railways, to road haulers, consolidators, forwarders, custom house agents and shipping lines CONCOR currently provides the only means by which shippers may obtain containerized freight transportation by rail in India. Though rail is the mainstay of its transportation plan, road services are also provided according to market demand and operational exigencies. CONCOR also operates container terminals across the country to cater to the needs of the trade, whether in the export-import or the domestic business.

Financials: - Container Corporation of India registered results for the quarter ended on 30-SEP-2009 as:

Net Sales- Rs. 959.9027 cr v/s Rs. 903.3608 cr on 30-SEP-2008.
Net Profit- Rs. 204.3475 cr v/s Rs. 223.6809 cr on 30-SEP-2008.

Conl- This stock has always being out of the analysts radar,also this stock has being giving a consitant performance over a period of time. Here I have tried to point out the underdog PSU, as the world expects to get out from recession & their EXIM trades to shoot up, INDIA is surely getting a pie from it & this is the company with an 21.03% of RoNW, and with the net profit of 204 cr on sales of 959cr is certainly shine in this space.
Read my Mundra port post for futher view on business.

Monday, December 14, 2009


TOTAL SHARES ISSUED – 1556723743 shs.
GROSS DEBT – Rs. 13477 cr.
NET DEBT – Rs. 12525 cr. (As on SEP 09).
CASH HOLDINGS – Rs. 952 cr.

Total Shares Issued – 9177039 shs.
Suzlon holds – 8325409 shs - 90.72%.
Free Float – 851630 shs - 9.28%.
CMP- 8th DEC 2009, 114 Euros. 1Euro/Rs. 68.95
MKT CAP – 1046.18 million Euros, Rs. 7213.42 cr.
Free Float MKT CAP – 97.08582 million Euros, Rs.669.406 cr.
EPS – 0.16, PE – 711.13, P/B – 3.11, NP – 1479000 Euros, Rs.10.2073 cr.
Suzlon's stakes in REpower valued at Rs.6544.021 cr

Total Shares Issued – 670104208 shs.
After the 35.01% stake sale in November 2009.
Suzlon now holds – 174632079 shs a 26.06%. V/S 410632079 shs 61.28%.
CMP as on 8th DEC 2009 1.13 GBp. 1GBP/ Rs.76.04
MKT CAP – 757.21 million Pounds, Rs. 5757.88 cr.
EPS – 1.98p, PE – 53.41, P/B – 1.39, NP – 1319131000 GBp – Rs.101.1546 cr
Suzlon's stakes in Hansen valued at Rs. 1500.52 cr.

REpower contributes to Rs.42.03 to Suzlon´s CMP of Rs.85 a nearly 49.45% of Suzlon.
HANSEN contributes to Rs. 9.63 to Suzlon´s CMP of Rs. 85 a nearly 11.34% of Suzlon. So Suzlon valued at Rs.33.34.
Suzlon´s enterprise value is around Rs 33801.69 cr (217/Sh).
Networth around Rs 6580.32 cr.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Mundra Port and Special Economic Zone

Market Details as on 31st October, 2009.
Total Shares Issued – 400678820 shs of Rs. 10 each.
Shares Issued at IPO- 40250000 shs at Rs. 440 Nov 2007.
Promoters Holdings- 324719561 shs -81.03%.
Market Capitalization- Rs. 20047.96 cr.
Current Market Price – Rs. 500.35.
Book Value per Share- Rs. 73.44, Earning per Share- Rs. 14.91, Dividend- Rs.3/sh.
Price to Earning Ratio – 33.56, Industry P/E- 42.20, Price to Book- 6.81 times.
52 Week – High- Rs. 705, Low- Rs. 253.65.
200 Daily Moving Average- Rs. 478.25.
Total Debt – Rs. 2313 cr, Total Reserve- Rs. 2541.78 cr

FINANCIALS:-As on 30th September 2009
Total Income Rs.337.33 cr v/s Rs. 303.78 cr (YOY), Net profit increased 56 % to Rs. 174.78 cr v/s 112.28 cr (YOY), half yearly Net Sales of Rs. 634.13 cr, and Net Profit of Rs. 345.54 cr posting an EPS of Rs. 8.32.

Mundra port is India’s largest private sector port promoted by Adani group.
Mundra port has notified multi-product SEZ area of 5920 hectares, from which it is currently developing the area of 130 sq km. the Co. has its own railways which handled close to 4500 rakes in yr 2008-09; has Dry Cargo Port - has handled largest container vessel- MV BAUDELAIRE (300.40 mtrs), the port now handles 6500-7000 vessels; Co. has container terminal with highest gross crane productivity of 55.24 Moves Per Hour (MPH) , highest average crane productivity of 33 MPH in country; Company has signed an agreement with Maruti Suzuki to export cars from the Auto terminal- total car exported in last 3 months of 2008-09 is 18911 cars; Co. has handled 2.2 lacs Metric Tonnes of liquid cargo.
For the financial yr 2008-09 Mundra port has handled 2171 vessels v/s 1624 in yr 2007-08. Its cargo handling capacity increased by 33.68 % to 3.60 cr tonnes.As per the records, India’s 95 % of external trade by volume & 70 % by value comes by Sea. Cargo handling volume in 12 major ports in India was at 53 cr Tonnes, while non-major ports contributed 21 cr Tonnes during 2008-09, aggregating to 74 cr Tonnes. Mundra port, the largest private sector non-major port, with a cargo capacity of around 3.6 cr Tonnes in FY09 is among the Top 10 ports in India. India needs to double its port capacity to 150 cr Tonnes by 2011-12 & would require investments worth Rs.55000 cr in that period indicating significant potential for the sector.

Friday, October 2, 2009


There was a small village, everyone in that village were living happily, one day someone from big city came with his assistant, he said - "I will give Rs. 10 for every monkey you catch, and bring it to me", villagers started catching monkeys, soon villagers found a new job. They caught monkeys and sold to that stranger & made good money, after a while they lost interest. The stranger said - "I will give you Rs. 15 for every monkey", more monkeys came in, after a while the price of monkey went up to Rs. 60 !!! Suddenly one day the stranger was out of the village his assistant said - "Look this guy does not pays me much, I want to sell all his monkeys at Rs. 50/each so when he comes back you can sell it back to him for Rs. 70" - the villagers agreed -The assistant sold all the monkeys to the villagers for Rs. 50 and went out of the village. Villagers were now left with their monkeys & still waiting........for the Stranger and his assistant to come... but none of this two came back & left villagers with their monkeys worth nothing...while that strangers made money out of nothing....

The villagers are we small Investors , our stocks are the monkeys and FII’s (Foreign Institutional Investors) are those strangers !!!
Lets us all learn the lesson, 
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