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Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Hello Friends!! 
 It’s my Birthday today .. and wishing you all a Very Happy Ram Navami too...
I am very emotional in breaking this news to you all, that after 9 long years of blogging, I am finally bidding adieu to my Blog. I started blogging as fun and later it become blogging for a purpose, for a cause - cause to help. I blogged about stocks, about my views, stories about markets - my intention was purely to educate & provide an advantage to investors, to make every citizen of my country an Investor & not a speculator.. my endeavor was to educate and make investors aware... I gave my views on stocks in every 10 days i.e. on every 3rd, 13th & 23rd of every month, that too for 9 long years, there were times when it became difficult for me to cope up with my blogging, professional and personal time, but somehow I managed it....believe me, this decision is as hard for me as hard it is for you lovely people to hear it.  
      Friends, its been 9 long years since I started this blog and it has been an amazing journey ( My First Post ) and as I write this, it is becoming more difficult for me..but I have to do it, all these years you all have showered me with immense love, appreciations and support and I am very much thankful for all. During this journey, I have learned so many valuable lessons, found new truths about myself, made good friends, and also had an opportunity to meet many new people along the way. Stock markets made me humble, interacting with readers made me mature. Some of you who have still been with me since the beginning, & still with me - I am so grateful for that. Markets have taught me a lot and I am still learning, a student for life. But, after 372 published posts with more than 570+ followers, now it is becoming difficult for me to blog, some instances which happened in my personal life made me more determined towards my decision, now there's nothing left and no one for whom I motivate myself to write, I have started feeling that my blogging is not serving its purpose it should be.. those who know me knows this well that I never wrote for fame or for money never - money-making was not my intentions ever. I received blessings, appreciation from you all wonderful readers, THANK YOU guys, Thank you so much, my intentions were pure & clear... I never expected anything from anyone, I always want that my readers get benefited and make wealth for themselves and be a part of India Growth story. I selflessly intended good for all my readers, I never intended to make money from my blog....but nothing inspires me anymore, there's no one for whom I motivate myself to write anymore, I can say that my Karma towards my readers ends here... People close to me know very well that I am not very expressive, I cannot express myself and you all can imagine how difficult it is for me to convey this emotion to you all. This is very shattering for me and is breaking me as well, but I have to DO IT.. I don't know whether I will come back again to blogging or not  - I don't know - I may or I may not, but as of now, Yes it's a sad BYE :(  _/\_

A previous version of the blog
One wise man truly said, Once a Market men always a market men, I am the learner, and markets have given me lots and taught me many lessons. I still have more to learn from markets. Learning is the journey and not the destination, Markets is my Passion & I can never quit markets, I am just stopping my blogging journey here. Guys, I will be available to all on stocks topics and markets on Email -, and all the posts & comments will be available online. I am optimistic about markets and I do believe in India Growth Story, the consumption theory, the demographic dividend that our nation enjoys, encash it, please do participate in the growth of our nation by investing in stock markets with proper study and strict stop loss - look at the companies with better Revenue growth - Revenue is the Economic engine that drives a company without which the company cannot earn Profit. Constant revenue growth of at least 10 % or more every year for each of the last 10 years indicates that the company is able to expand its business operation and is growing, (for banks and financial institutions take net loan growth instead of revenue growth); Look at company's Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) This ratio measures the company's profitability and the efficiency with which its capital is employed. Look at companies whose ROCE was at least 15 % for each of the last 10 years (for banks and financial institutions take pre-tax ROE of more than 20 % for each of the last 10 years instead of ROCE). Revenue growth creates shareholder's value via stock price increases, only if ROCE remains high. Hence it is a very important metric in assessing a firm's performance; also look at companies with great net profit margins, less debt - try to have a stock whose debt is not more than 3 times its net profit, companies with greater ROCE, ROE, wonderful consistent cashflows & best management. BE INVESTED GUYS - wonderful days for Indian Equities are yet to come. Lastly, I would like to thank all of you wonderful people, for being there, with me all these years, I take this opportunity to give Thanks to all my reader friends.. TAKE CARE !!   

                                           God Bless You All !!!

Thanks to my parents who made me what I am here today And Thanks God for all of it !!!

Warm Regards,

Bhavikk Shah.  


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