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Thursday, October 30, 2008


In one single day many Indian investors have lost nearly half of their life's savings….and there are no lucky ones left. Those who invested as early as January this year at the peak of the Indian markets, when the BSE SENSEX was at 21,206 pts, these people have seen the value of their investment disappear by a whopping 64 %. Many of them mostly retired professionals had hoped to make money in the stock market and saw it as an investment instrument that would help them through their old age. But young or old, everyone was a lot poorer by the time the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE SENSEX) touched its all-time low on the hot afternoon of 27-10-2008 at 7,697.39 pts  and gave a close at 8,510 down by 191 points, and NIFTY touched low of 2005 at 2,252.75 points. The markets were opened on 28 Oct 2008 on the occasion of DIWALI when the mahurat trading for SAMVAT 2065 began, On this day of 28 Oct 2008 the Diwali gave the markets a bust upwards to an opening of 528 points and closing at 498 points at 9,008. This is perhaps the only silver lining that gave a ray of hope on an auspicious day of Diwali 2008.

I thought of sharing my learning experience with you guys...I want to make people understand that STOCK MARKETS are not just Gambling Den, Its an place whereby You can buy a fraction of great businesses, you too can be the owner of Larsen's, TISCO's, and INFY's, etc...The only thing one needs is true knowledge and ability to learn new trends and control ones emotions, And so I have decided to write this blog...I would be sharing some good company's views and investment rules as and When I come across such... As of now, market seems to me not making the bottom as of now, but still bears bullies the bull's of the market as of now...............


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