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Thursday, October 30, 2008


The ‘BOTTOM’ is an important landmark in a downward stock market. In the current period it is a commodity as sought after as hope or confidence. It is important because it indicates the lowest point that a stock market‘s index will hit. Once a bottom is reached there is no way but up for the index which also means that if you invest at the bottom, your money will have no way to go but up. The benchmark Sensex of the Indian stock market breached the 8,000 level and closed at the 8500 level for the first time in three years. While it is still difficult to say if we’ve hit the bottom, we can surely say we’re somewhere close to it. All hopes on the global financial crisis and markets. All the efforts from the major central banks of the world to bail out the current financial crisis is an appreciable move but cant garuntee the up move in stock markets. Indian stock markets is much dependable on FII's, as soon as they stop feeling the pain of redeemption pressures they will soon came back to they have no other choice.

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