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Thursday, November 20, 2008

BSE to allot 5% more to global stock exchanges

In my last post I gave the information about declaration of dividend and bonus shares by BSE to its members.
Last year BSE alloted 5% to Duesch Bourses and to Singapore stock exchange at the rate of Rs.5200 per share, according to the current law, stock exchanges can allot not more than 5 % each to any strategic investor. But now the SEBI has raised this limit to 15 % from 5 %.
BSE will now allot more 10 % to Singapore stock exchange and Duesch bourses and also to Hong Kong stock exchange.SEBI is also considering to have self listing for stock exchanges,
If this comes through than these stock exchanges will can now get listed without an IPO


  1. Could you pls post your view on South India Bank, for longer term
    Thanks in advance


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