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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Twitter : Twitter lists today. Issue price $ 26. 

At the current price of $46.00 and 705 million fully diluted shares, Twitter has a market cap of $32.4 billion. 

474,696,816 current shares 
42,708,824 options 
85,657,603 RSUs outstanding as of 9/30/13 

116,512 convertible preferred 

7,202,952 RSUs granted after 9/30/13 
13,178,040 stock issued for MoPub acquisition 
1,237,847 options issued for MoPub acquisition 
80,300,000 stock reserved for equity compensation plans

705,098,594 Total Shares 
$46.00 Current price 
$32,434,535,324 Valuation

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